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President and Chief Technology Officer of Fortune 500 Company

The online reputation of our business is essential for its success. Before we hired you, we had several negative links which directly led to a reduction of sales. Now that our business has exceptional front page listings, we have seen revenues increase.
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Dr. Simmons

Scottsdale, Arizona Plastic Surgeon

I suffered through a highly publicized personal issue which competitors and bloggers used against me on the Internet. This immediately had a dramatic impact on my business. Reputation Safety Net literally saved my business by devising and executing a plan that has insured that whoever researches my medical practice and my name finds honest and good information.
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R. Lenci

Owner Dizguise.com and HullabalooCostumes.com

False allegations on Ripoff Report had an immediate impact on our business. Most of our shoppers find the costume they want and then research our business before deciding whether or not to make the purchase. When doing that research they were not coming back after seeing the false allegations. Eight weeks after hiring Reputation Safety Net the false claims were nowhere to be found.
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Former Professional Baseball Player with the New York Mets and New York Yankees

I have certainly made some mistakes in my life, however I have done many good things as well. For my career it was important that when somebody searched my name whether that be an employer or a colleague, they found the positive information. This has directly benefited my career and business relationships. Take control of your online reputation. If you don't, it will hurt you.
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R. Garcia

President and CEO of Troon Construction

My daughter was searching the Internet for my name and ran across a very embarrassing situation that was exaggerated on a blog from several years ago. I can only imagine how many friends, family and co-workers had seen that article. I took action quickly and to make sure that this blog would disappear using the service of Reputation Safety Net. Trust me, take action and do not let it linger.
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